Welcome to my personal page, I am excited that you are spending time to get to know me. Here is just a glimpse of who I am.

Titles I wear proudly:
Sister, CEO, nurse, visionary, friend…….

Sincere, classy, sassy, driven, encouraging, risk-taker, classic, funny, motivating, safe, genuine, confident, insightful, grounded…….

Things that I cherish:
Family, health, friendships, commitments, accomplishments, learning, creating, thinking, laughter, giving, service, spirituality, love, peace, truth…

What I love to do:
Teach, mentor, coach, serve, create, write, read, cook, play, laugh, sing, dance, travel, dream, plan…

My lighthearted side loves:
Shoes, color turquoise, music, fashion, sushi, theater, stuffed olives, Starbucks, candles, girl time, holidays, cooking, shopping, travel, decorating, lake time, family time, friends…

My Best life is:
Right now! I am living my dream life anytime that I am working with motivated individuals to create and obtain their life plans. I love my life when I am helping others to create their best life and business.

What three things do I want to accomplish in the next 12 months:
1. Publish current work in 1st quarter and second work by end of year to reach and help more people find the courage and execute the plans to leave their jobs and launch their life
2. Help ALL the members of my VIP program attain their goals for 2015
3. Train at least 10 other certified coaches as a Life Phase Specialist to leverage their business and practice

Now it’s your turn. Fill out the “Who Am I” Questionnaire below and click the “Share Now” button. The information will come to my private email. Don’t worry your comments are safe with me!

“I got the opportunity to work with Jeanne and it was a delight. She is genuine and authentic in her approach. She truly listened to what I said and she was able to hear the things I couldn’t say. I knew at every session I was going to leave more clear and with more purpose than before. It changed my life.”