Resolutions are Like Leftovers

I don’t know about you but I am not a fan of leftovers.

I’m not really thinking that anytime soon I’m going to say to my husband, ” oh honey let’s make a reservation at our favorite restaurant because I am craving leftovers!” Definitely not a top menu item. There are not too many ways I can make used food appealing.

As the new year has come and gone I began to think about the resolution rituals that so many people fall prey to. It dawned on me that I view resolutions basically as a procrastinator’s leftovers. RESOLUTIONS
are all the goals and life improvement tasks that have been left from the previous year or the year before that or the year before that.

What I have observed the last few years is that on Dec. 31st the resolution renegades decide that they are going to scoop all these unmet goals plans and dreams into a pile and rename them Resolutions. It amazes me that as the clock strikes midnight, the ball drops and the confetti falls that just because these leftovers have a new name that they are going to change into a “golden goal” that is just magically going to happen! Let me share a little secret, THIS IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!

I’d be willing to bet that if everyone would be honest they have already started to procrastinate on the resolutions they made two weeks ago. Go ahead tell the truth! Some of you have already fallen off the diet wagon, or have skipped the gym, or grabbed a few puffs as you hid from everyone that you bragged to about you resolutions!!You know who you are! Or better yet some of you have procrastinated even beginning your resolutions. You have already move them from one page of their calendar to the next saying “I’ll start tomorrow, or the next day or after the weekend or as soon as I’m crowned “Queen!”


Will you get to December 31st 2015 with some of the same procrastinators leftovers from 2014?

“Not I” said this girl!

I refuse to have leftovers!

I have made a resolution that I can stick too. And that is, I have made no resolutions.

I will only set intention toward things I can actually break down, and commit to completion.

No Resolutions only solutions.

You can create solutions too! I can show you how. I have created an amazing Life Launch opportunity to help you turn your resolutions into solutions for the areas of life you want to change for help visit my website to explore options or schedule your Life Launch coaching call here.

Don’t let your resolutions become leftovers.

Let’s make 2015 the year with no leftovers!

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