My New Book Is HERE: The Ethical Exit

It’s Here!!!!

Over the years, I’ve worked with hundreds of clients – encouraging them to dream of a life they love, inspired them to believe in themselves, and empowered them to make change happen!

Watching clients achieve their dreams after weeks, months, and sometimes years of hard work is one of the greatest joys of my professional life. I often say that I believe everyone CAN have the life they desire if they are willing to be uncomfortable enough to get it!

So…over the past year I have heeded my own words and dreamed a new dream…to write a book!

As anyone who has worked towards their dreams knows, it is both exhilarating and exhausting…but the moment when it all becomes reality is awe inspiring (and a bit relieving).

Well, that moment in my latest journey has arrived…along with my new book The Ethical Exit!!!!

This book is a practical exploration of my journey as a recovering corporate career chaser who left my comfy corporate job to embrace a life I love. The book not only tells my own story of how I dreamed, planned, and executing this shift in my life, but in it I also share with you all my tips, tricks, secrets, and advice for anyone dreaming of making a change in their own lives.

So What’s The Book About?

Based on my own experience and years of private coaching, I know that many people are currently living as I was – going through the motions and feeling empty and unfulfilled for years.

They are afraid of making a change due to the responsibilities and reputations they have built around their careers. They are successful, smart, and miserable.

They want more out of life than the status quo and are desperate to know it is possible. They are desperate for a plan.

The Ethical Exit is written to encourage readers that a positive life and career change is possible, inspire them to dream of a life they love, and empower them with the necessary practical tools to make their dreams possible.

Begin Your Journey Today!!!

My new book, The Ethical Exit, launches TODAY and as a way of celebrating and thanking each of you for being a part of this community of amazing women, I am offering over $350 in freebies when you purchase the book.

When you purchase the book you’ll receive:

  1. A FREE copy of The Ethical Exit workbook
  2. A FREE consultation with Jeanne
  3. 25% discount on any of my Life Launch packages.

Get your copy of The Ethical Exit here!!!

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